Tips and tricks for a successful open house

Tips and tricks for a successful open house - With an open house, you indicate that your property is for sale and give potential buyers and other interested parties the opportunity to look not binding. In order to present your home rumah dijual surabaya in the best possible light, but it is important to note a few important things.

Promote Your Website

Publish. The date of the visit to open the Internet and stir well personally the big drum. Do not forget to inform your neighbors under any circumstances, since they might know someone who is just looking for a suitable property in your area. Be sure to set some flattering and meaningful high-resolution images to the Internet. For this, professional recordings are best.

The perfect staging

Reorganized, leave your home by professionals bring to a high gloss and think about it, how can the individual rooms set the scene. For many buyers of storage space is high on the wish list - this is especially true for urban real estate. You can therefore assume that your cabinets and boxes as well as their capacity to be inspected closely. So you present them in the best light! And do not forget: rooms should be neither empty during a visit, yet act completely overloaded.

Quarantine the pets

It is recommended that pets for the duration of an open visit to best accommodate otherwise before the professional house cleaning. In this way, even with allergies and interested parties can concentrate with animal phobia fully and to visit your property.

Pay attention to valuables

One never knows who follows the invitation to an open tour. Therefore, we recommend to hide jewelery and valuables and keep an eye on all the jewels that could easily disappear in a coat pocket.

Silence is golden

Background music can create a relaxed atmosphere, but beware: Experienced real estate investors suspect behind perhaps the attempt of irritating noises such as creaking and squeaking floorboards or divert traffic noise.

Avoid intense odors

Also distinctive fragrances, be it the aroma of air fresheners, freshly baked biscuits or bleach, can lead to the assumption that they should serve the distraction. Decorate your home instead of fresh flowers and ventilate through properly.

Adjust the temperature

When prospective buyers sweating and freezing in the house tour, so this may well spoil the first impression. In addition, you may, the question arises whether it may have problems with the thermostat. To avoid such a scenario, you should ensure before the arrival of potential buyers for comfortable indoor climate.

Print exposé

To ensure that your property remains the prospective in mind, it is advisable to interpret free exposés in which key figures and advantages are listed once again. Do not forget to attach specifications and some glossy images from the plan. Do not display print enough copies - it is better to sit at the end of a few exposés to stay, having to send as a potential buyer with home empty-handed.

Let your agent works

Your agent should have years of experience in dealing with buyers, so let's make it his job. If there is a risk that you could him constantly look over your shoulder and interfere too much, then you are planning for the day of the tour at the best a trip and enter your property in the very capable hands of your agents.

Hire a reputable real estate company

Task of the agent is to answer all the questions of potential buyers and to act for the duration of the sale as a kind of caretaker. It is therefore particularly important to work with a reliable real estate partner who has the expertise to win the trust of prospective buyers and to convince them that it is worth investing in your property. Our consultant at Florian House Agents are aware of the market conditions in their respective locations and provide you service at the highest level. To learn more about our training and education programs and services, please visit our website.